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The Advocate Network

Advocates for  Nurses, Patients, and Families

Advocacy at its core encompasses empathy, heart, determination, and a moral and ethical desire to be the voice for the voiceless. Our advocates have a desire to make an impact on those who suffer at the hands of injustice, exploitation, abuse, and vulnerability. Advocates come from a variety of disciplines, experiences, and knowledge. Scroll below to find the Advocate that best fits your needs. 

 Advocates are independent contractors who work as consultants; they use nursing knowledge to help instruct you on self-advocacy. Advocates provide you with the knowledge, tools, and direction so that you can learn to help yourself and your family. They are not private duty nurses who are on call 24/7 for immediate services. Appointments are required to speak with a Advocate. Many charge by the hour or offer packages for longer patient follow-up and complex medical cases. Others work off donations. Please click on the individual Advocate to see services offered, cost, and availability. 

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Our Story

The Advocate Network is built from a collaborative effort of individuals who have a deep passion for helping others through advocacy. Whether it's medical, nutrition, dental, or legal, our list of independent advocates is here to help.
Each advocate has a unique story that has brought them to this place in their journey where they want to give back to those who are experiencing the same type of trials as they were. 

Meet The Team

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