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The Remembrance Project: 
The Voices of the Covid Pandemic

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Hello and welcome to The Remembrance Project submission page.  We are sorry that you have a story to tell; however, we are very appreciative that you are willing to share it. We sincerely hope that your stories will be meaningful to our readers. 

In writing your story, you may use your real name or a pen name if you prefer. Please write in the first person and tell the truth in your story.  In telling the truth, try not to include a lot of minor details so that the reader loses interest.  Include important necessary events as they occurred.  It is best if you speak from the heart. If something or someone helped you along the way, be sure to share that as it will encourage our readers.

We ask that you include in your story not only the unfortunate events that you were unable to control but also a little bit about whom your loved one or friend was so the reader can get a picture of who that person really was.  If you are able to share anyways that your faith, strength, or past experiences helped you to cope through the tragedy that you speak of in your story, that would be good as it could help the reader who may be going through something similar in their life.

         Please limit your story to no more than 1,200 words.



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