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Strategic Hub for Internet Education, Learning and Digital Safety

SHIELD, which stands for the Strategic Hub for Internet Education, Learning and Digital Safety, is a division dedicated to promoting digital safety and wellness for individuals and communities. As Director of Digital Safety and Wellness, Shoshana Weinberg leads the team in developing and implementing initiatives that address digital hate, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and online bullying.

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Our Story

SHIELD's mission is to create a safe and secure online environment where individuals can thrive and engage in productive online interactions. To achieve this mission, SHIELD provides education and training programs that teach digital citizenship and promote responsible online behavior. They also work with individuals and communities to identify and respond to instances of online harassment and bullying and provide resources for those who have been impacted by such behavior.

SHIELD's goals include raising awareness about the risks and impact of digital hate and cyberbullying, providing education and resources to promote safe and responsible online behavior, and creating partnerships with organizations and communities to develop effective strategies for addressing these issues. By building a network of individuals and organizations committed to digital safety and wellness, SHIELD seeks to create a world where all individuals can engage in online interactions free from harassment and bullying.


Are you a nurse, doctor, or other allied health professional that has been doxxed on social media? Did you witness an online doxxing attack targeting a nurse, doctor, or healthcare provider (HCP)?

Report instances of online doxxing of HCPs on social media through this form. Your privacy and safety are important to us; we are here to support you. We are actively collaborating with social media platforms to combat and prevent this behavior. Please provide details of the incident so we can take appropriate action together. Let's combat doxxing and ensure a safe online environment. 

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Was the Victim Reported to Their Licensing Boad?
Was the Victm Disciplined by Their Board?
Was te Victim Reported to Their Employer?
Was the Victm Terminated From Their Employer?
Was the Victm Deplatformed from Socia Media
Did the Victim Experience Any of These by Being Doxxed?

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Become a Volunteer
Online Safety Advocate

A volunteer online safety advocate in relation to American Frontline Nurses' Shield Division is someone who supports the division's efforts to promote and maintain safety and wellness in online communities.

As an online safety advocate, your role would involve actively participating in online discussions and communities to help identify and prevent online safety issues, such as cyberbullying, online harassment, scams, and other online threats. You may also work to educate and raise awareness about online safety among your peers and the broader public.

Apply to day to be an Online Safety Advocate with American Frontline Nurses.

Volunteer with SHIELD

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