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Scholarship Application

Scholarship Essay Submission: Advocating for Patient's Bodily Autonomy

Welcome to the essay submission portal for the American Frontline Nurses Nurse Scholarship Program. As part of your application, we invite you to share your thoughts on a topic integral to nursing - the importance of advocating for patients' bodily autonomy. Your insightful essay will not only contribute to the dialogue on patient-centered care but will also be a crucial factor in the selection process for this prestigious scholarship.


Essay Prompt

Compose a 500-word essay that explores the significance of advocating for a patient's bodily autonomy within the healthcare landscape. Reflect on the role of healthcare providers, specifically nurses, in upholding and promoting this fundamental principle. Share your insights on how respecting and supporting patients in making autonomous decisions about their bodies contributes to an enhanced healthcare experience. In addition to expressing your thoughts on advocating for patient's bodily autonomy share in your essay how this scholarship will benefit you in your nursing journey. Whether it supports your educational aspirations, professional development, or any other aspect of your career, we want to hear how this scholarship will make a meaningful impact on your life. 


Write a compelling 500-word essay addressing the provided prompt and submit it in the form below. 

Candidate Criteria

Open to nursing students (LPN or RN from any degree tract), RNs, LPNs, CNAs, in Associate, bachelor, Doctorate, or PhD nursing accredited programs. 

Submission Deadline

The application deadline is July 30th, 2024. Selection Notification is September 30th, 2024. 

Submit Your Essay

Fill out the form completely so we can get ahold of you via multiple communication avenues if you are selected. 

Thanks for submitting!

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