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Nurse Scholarship Program

Celebrating Excellence in Nursing Advocacy and Patient Care

Welcome to American Frontline Nurses Nurse Scholarship Program, a heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroes of healthcare who go above and beyond in advocating for patients and delivering exceptional care. In collaboration with our esteemed partners, we are proud to offer a unique opportunity to honor outstanding nurses through this scholarship initiative.

About the Scholarship:

At American Frontline Nurses, we recognize the invaluable contributions of nurses who demonstrate unwavering dedication to nursing advocacy and superior patient care. Our Nurse Scholarship Program aims to celebrate these exceptional individuals by providing financial support to further their education and professional development.


This scholarship is open to nursing students and registered nurses across the nation who have shown exemplary commitment to nursing advocacy and superior patient care. Nominations are invited from students, nurses, colleagues, supervisors, patients, or anyone who has witnessed the nominee's exceptional qualities firsthand.

How to Nominate:

To nominate yourself or a deserving nurse, simply fill out our nomination form, detailing the nominee's accomplishments, dedication to nursing advocacy, and superior patient care. Share specific examples that highlight their compassion, expertise, and impact on patients' lives. Nominations can be submitted online through our secure portal.

Selection Process:

A panel of experienced healthcare professionals will carefully review all nominations. The selected nurse will not only receive a scholarship award but will also be recognized and celebrated for their outstanding contributions at our annual awards ceremony.

Scholarship Benefits:

The recipient of the Nurse Scholarship will be awarded one of two $500 scholarships to support their educational endeavors. This financial assistance can be used for tuition, books, and other educational expenses related to furthering their nursing career.

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence:

We invite you to join us in honoring the remarkable nurses who make a difference in the lives of patients every day. By participating in our Nurse Scholarship Program, you contribute to recognizing and supporting these dedicated healthcare professionals, ensuring they continue their journey of excellence in nursing advocacy and patient care.

Nominate a nurse today and help us celebrate the unsung heroes of healthcare!

Application Deadline: July 30th, 2024

Selection Notification: September 30th, 2024

Image by Jane  Carmona
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