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Nurse Advocate Recruitment

The goal of The Advocacy Network is to educate and train nurses to be advocates the nursing profession needs them to be. However, nurses are often inhibited from advocacy. Too often we hear from nurses that if they stand up for themselves or their patients, they risk being terminated or disciplined. With the unique situation of thousands of nurses leaving the bedside due to medical mandates, nurses are free from the constraint of worrying about termination if they advocate for a patient.


We are currently hand-selecting our next cohort of nurses to train and join The Advocacy Network.

How to Apply:

Send the following information to

1. Resume

2. Nursing license

3. A brief explanation of why you want to be a Nurse Advocate, with examples of experience advocating.

  • Application Deadline for Cohort 4 is December 31st.

  • Acceptance Letter for Cohort 4 will go out by January 15th.

  • Informational Meeting for Cohort 4 will be the 1st Quarter 2023 actual date will be in Acceptance Letter.

For additional questions, we have an informational zoom on the

Third Thursday of every month at 2pm PST, 5pm EST.

Please Be Advised That The Time Of Monthly Meeting Is Subject To Change 

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