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The Patriot Wellness Store

Are you a Patriot?

Do you want safer products in your home?

Do you want to save money?

Do you want to live with a more holistic approach?

Do you want to avoid Big Pharma as much as possible?

Do you like convenience?

Do you like supporting American Made companies?

Do you want to help American Frontline Nurses continue to save lives and advocate for safe healthcare?

Then we have a home for you!

Using these? Make the switch.

IMG_4452 2.jpg

A 20 year Norwegian study, published in 2018, found that using name brand cleaners just once a week can be as harmful to your lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

Read the study here.

IMG_4453 2.jpg

We partnered with the Patriot Wellness Store because it just made sense. We want to help you get well as a lifestyle, not just help you when you're sick. We wanted to help you save money. We wanted to help you have safer products in your home. Supplements that actually work (and are backed by clinical trials). We wanted to help you avoid the companies that continue to harm us. And we wanted to do it with an American company. 

If you're reading this saying "YES. That's me. This sounds perfect!I would love to shop at a store like this!" 

to see a tour of the store, how it works, product demos, and how to shop at the Patriot Wellness Store.


This group does not do patient advocacy or early intervention medications like IVM.

If you are looking for those things, please use the Early Intervention or Ask An Advocate tabs

If you are looking for partnerships, podcasting interviews, clinics, etc ... please EMAIL

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