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Team Halo

The United Nations ressponse to tackling "Disinformation"

Team Halo was created by the United Nations as a means of controlling public perception against "disinformation" and "misinformation"  about COVID-19 and its associated vaccines. 

The official purpose of Team Halo can be described as:

A group of volunteer scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals who are working with the United Nations and other partners to combat misinformation about COVID-19 and promote accurate information about the pandemic.

The team was formed in response to the overwhelming amount of false and misleading information that has been circulating about COVID-19 online, and their goal is to provide accurate and accessible information to the public through social media platforms.

Team Halo members include experts from around the world who have been involved in COVID-19 research and response efforts, including vaccine development and clinical trials. They use their expertise and experience to help people understand the science behind the pandemic and the efforts to combat it.

Team Halo members create content, such as videos and social media posts, that explain the science behind COVID-19 vaccines and address common concerns and questions people may have about them. They also engage with the public directly through social media, responding to questions and comments and sharing accurate information.

Overall, Team Halo is a collaborative effort to combat misinformation and promote accurate information about COVID-19 and the pandemic response.

According to Melissa Flemming: 

"...We had another trusted messenger project, which was called Team Halo, where we trained scientists around the world and some doctors on Tiktok. And we had Tiktok working with us. And these scientists who had virtually no following to start with, got verified ticks. They started bringing people in their communities into their labs, into their offices, and answering their questions, engaging with them. It really took off and many of them became kind of like national media go-to advisors. 

It was a layered deployment of ideas and tactics. 


But finally, and Claire also mentioned this, people need to be inoculated themselves. And I think, social media took off so quickly that I think people of all ages are very ill-equipped, especially in times of crisis, when they're feeling very engaged with what's out there, and searching, and wanting to help and wanting to share, really learning actually how to spot mis- and dis-information and how to to be part of the problem."

What many of the members of Team Halo actually do is attack other Healthcare workers on Social Media if they go against the official COVID narrative. Below is a select list of the most volatile current and former Team Halo members. You can read more about the aggressive tactics of Team Halo members in this article from reporter Katie Spence of the Epoch Times.


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